Cat Boarding

Going away? Have peace of mind boarding your cat with us

At Johnston Street Veterinary Clinic, we understand how hard it is for you to leave your pet behind when you go away on holiday.

Have peace of mind knowing you will be leaving your feline friend with a team of compassionate professionals. We intend to look after your cat like we would look after our own. Our boarders are attended to by qualified veterinary nurses throughout their stay.

Why choose us?

Our cattery is located at the rear of our veterinary clinic and is a calm cat friendly environment with only 20 enclosures. Many of our boarders choose to stay with us here due to veterinary professionals on site and being a smaller intimate space, which provides hands on compassionate care.

Our cattery provides:

– 20 enclosures with multi-level platforms.
– Climate control- air-conditioning and heating.
– Round the clock veterinary care.
– Enclosures large enough to house 2 cats from the same family.
– Feliway diffusers are used in our cattery to help create a sense of calm, familiarity and security.
– We choose to use Breeders Choice litter which is 99% recycled paper with no additives or chemicals.
– Environmental enrichment such as cat grass, toys, scratching posts and food puzzles.
– Nutritional excellence in feeding Hills Science Diet.
– Individual cage free time.
– Johnston Street Veterinary Clinic Cattery Facebook page, which photos are put up daily of our boarders.

What if my cat is on a special diet?

Pricing for cattery boarding includes feeding of Hill’s Science diet dependant on your cat’s life stage. However, we understand that some cats have tailored diets. You are welcome to bring in your cat’s specific diet or we can order this for you, to ensure your cat is given nutritional consistency.

What if my cat is on medication?

Cats who need daily medication are regular boarders here with us. Our nursing team are trained to easily administer medication to minimise stress to your beloved feline. Medication fees per day begin at $14 per day additional to your cattery stay.

Can I bring my cat’s belongings?

Yes of course! We understand that you want your cat to be as comfortable and happy as possible while you are away. We encourage you to bring your cat’s bedding, blankets and toys that you think will help them to settle in boarding.

However, there is no stress to do so. We provide comfortable Snooza Igloo beds, Snooza Cuddler beds as well as alternative options for those fussier cats.

Can I come and view the cattery facilities?

Of course! We recommend you do so before making a booking. Come down to the clinic or call to so we know you would like to have a visit. As the cattery is located at the rear of the clinic, sometimes due to the nature of surgical procedures viewings are best in the morning or evening times to ensure client safety. Please call the clinic if you would like to arrange a cattery viewing.

Price list

To board your cat with us there is a charge of $32 per night. As mentioned previously, this includes everything from food to bedding, litter and daily cuddles from our nursing team.

There are additional charges for the following:

Public Holiday $16 per day
Medication fee $16 per day

Requirements for boarding

All cattery boarders must have a current F3 vaccination. If you are unsure of your cat’s vaccination status we can verify this for you either on our veterinary records or contacting your previous vet clinic for you. If your cat has not boarded us or attended our veterinary clinic before, we will need to verify your cat’s vaccination status before their admission appointment. We ask this to ensure all cattery boarders are healthy and protected from Feline Respiratory Disease and Enteritis more commonly known as Cat Flu. Cat flu is extremely contagious and we cannot permit any cat who is not vaccinated into our cattery.

We also require all cats entering our cattery to have a veterinary grade flea treatment administered on arrival. This can be brought from home but does need to be physically administered by a nurse on admission to the cattery. This is to prevent parasites such as fleas infesting other boarders.

If necessary you can purchase a single pipette flea treatment from us for $15 each.