Cat Grooming

Is your cat’s fur matted?

Do you have a medium or long-haired cat? Is your senior cat struggling to groom themselves?

Cats groom themselves daily, however for those with longer fur they may need some help.

Grooming your cat regularly will lessen the likelihood of troublesome mats occurring, especially in hard to reach places like armpits, under carriage and hygiene areas.

This is in particular for longer haired cat breeds like Birmans, Persians, Maine Coons, Ragdolls as well as domestic breeds.

Matted fur can greatly impact your cat’s daily life and can make tasks like walking or going to the toilet difficult or uncomfortable. We even find a lot of clients prefer to groom their cats in summer to help them, acclimatize to the warmer weather. Senior cats can also struggle to groom themselves due to arthritis and getting them groomed regularly can help revitalize them. Most cats enjoy being brushed and grooming them can be further enrichment which will only encourage healthy skin and coat condition.

At Johnston Street Veterinary Clinic all cat grooms are performed by either in clinic groomers or qualified veterinary nurses, ensuring your cat is in the best care possible. Usually to minimize stress and to allow us to complete a full body groom, all cats need to be sedated or undergo a general anaesthetic. This will be dependent on your cat’s age and health status. By being sedated or anaesthetised, this allows the groom to be completed quickly with minimal stress to your cat, ensuring a positive efficient experience.

Our cat grooming service includes:

  • Clipping of fur
  • Brush out
  • Nail trim
  • General ear clean
  • Cologne and or conditioner applied

We can perform cat grooms from Monday to Friday with your cat being admitted to the clinic in the morning and being discharged from early afternoon.

Please speak to our friendly nursing team for more information.

Can my cat be awake to be groomed?

We can easily perform single mat or knot trims whilst your cat is awake and is tolerant of our clippers. However as mentioned above, for a full body groom we recommend sedation or a general anesthetic. Cats can get stressed quite easily and it is important to ensure their safety as well as the staff involved. Full body grooms with sedation and/or anaesthetic can be completed in as little 30 minutes, meaning your cat is ready to go home earlier. Sedating your cat can also allow us to reach trouble some spots which your cat may find uncomfortable or painful such as matted stomach, groin area and around genitals.

Meeting with one of our nurses or speaking to us over the phone, can help you decide what groom is necessary for your cat. Our nurses can gladly assess your cat’s coat and see if a full body groom is essential. Usual groom types range from lion clip (leaving head, feet and tail long with a short body) to under carriage grooming or hygiene clips.

Come in and chat to our friendly nursing team if you would like more information about cat grooming.