Digital Radiography

We offer digital radiology to help us investigate pet injuries and to diagnose certain health problems.

This modern service enables instant results with detailed and clear images. We can perform this service throughout the week usually with your pet being admitted for the day.

If my pet needs X-rays what is the process?

Usually your pet will be admitted to the hospital as an inpatient, requiring them to stay with us for a short period of time. Unless it is an emergency situation your pet will most likely stay for a few hours. We usually request all patients for radiology are fasted from food as they generally require a sedation or a general anaesthetic to ensure good quality imaging.

Why does my pet need to be sedated or anaesthetized for X-rays?

Pets don’t lie still at the best of times and cannot hold unnatural positions on command. Therefore by sedating or anaesthetizing your pet, they are unconsciously aware of their surroundings, which allows us to quickly position them and take the images we need.

This not only increases safety for everyone involved by limiting the amount of radiographic exposure, but also dramatically reduces the stress on your pet.

Speak to one of our staff for more information about radiology services here at Johnston Street Veterinary Clinic.