Exotic Surgery

Exotic companion pets are classified as birds, small mammals, fish, reptiles, rodents and amphibians.

Here at Johnston Street we also perform routine surgery and procedures for companion pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs and rats.

At Johnston Street Veterinary Clinic, we can easily perform routine procedures such as de-sexing, lump removals, radiology, beak and feather trimming as well as some dental procedures such as tooth filing. De-sexing recommendation age can vary depending on species and breed, so best to call us or come in for a chat before booking this procedure.

Exotic companion pets are obviously extremely different from cats and dogs therefore, we don’t require them to fast before any surgery. However, your pet will be provided with individual tailored treatment depending on their intended procedure.

Some of our exotic cases depending on their complexity may need to be referred to an exotic veterinary specialist. If we feel this is necessary, we will provide you with a medical referral for your pet.

Please call us at the clinic and chat to one of our friendly nurses for more information about exotic surgery and procedures.

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