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In 2013 a tiny kitten was handed into the clinic by a member of the public.We welcomed him with open arms and hearts, with the intention to find him a home.However, due to his sassy attitude and unshakeable confidence, Will and Amy decided to keep him as a clinic cat.

Albie is a domestic short hair, with tabby and white markings.He is notorious for keeping the JSVet staff on their toes, by cheekily swiping our legs as we rush by or biting us occasionally when we don’t give into his requests (usually for food!).Albie spends his days sleeping on the heat mat usually reserved for patients, trying to sneak into the storeroom and drinking water from the sink taps.Albie is unafraid of dogs, loves other cats and in particular loves tiny kittens; in the past he has become a surrogate cat dad grooming and licking the kittens clean.

He is close to our hearts and he is firmly part of our clinic family.



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