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Dr Sinjun

Qualifications: BVMedSci BVM BVS 2014, PG Cert 2015 MANZCVS (Radiology Small Animal) 2019

Why: Veterinary science is blend of science and nature and being able to work with animals on a daily basis is what attracted me. After doing work experience at the age of 13, seeing how varied the days can be and problem solving made be pursue veterinary medicine. Even to this day I am still learning and know I will be whilst I’m in this profession.

My Pets: Nina, tan miniature dachshund 5 years

Funny Pet Story: Nina loves to make any fabric on the floor (sock, t-shirt, tea towel etc) her bed even when she has a super comfortable dog bed!

Hobbies: Outside of work I enjoy being in nature be it walks, camping and gardening. As well as playing board games and socialising with friends.

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