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Cert IV VN | LAT

Renee decided to become a vet nurse after working many years in different jobs and not finding her “passion”. This was until Renee found veterinary nursing and has since, not looked back.

Renee came to Johnston Street in 2014 where she completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. Before this Renee also completed a Diploma of Animal Technology.

Renee thrives on busy days, hospital patients and caring for patients from admission until discharge, seeing them return for rechecks and building a relationship with them as they grow. Renee progressed to a senior nurse position due to her hard work ethic and maturity before going on maternity leave at the start of 2018.

Renee balances working and motherhood with baby girl Billie whilst also caring for her fur kids Tank the French Bulldog and Scabbers the cat.


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