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Qualifications: Bachelor of veterinary and animal bioscience, Certificate IV in veterinary nursing

Why: I have been a veterinary nurse for about 10 years and have worked at many clinics, in many different roles. When I decided to join the JSvet team I wanted a role where I could enjoy hanging out with my team and provide the best possible care to our patients.

My Pets: Chewie: 1 year old golden retriever, deep gold/red colour. Sandy: 5 month old foster “fail” DMH, black and white. Simba: 6 yr old rag doll (another foster “fail”), three legs and an absolute hero of a cat.

Funny Pet Story: Chewie once decided to break out of the dog park and go for a swim in the creek…Not only did he do it himself, but managed to sneak 5 other dogs out with him and by the time we found them they where all face deep in mud having the time of their lives!

Hobbies: Hiking, yoga and travelling

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