Puppy School

“Whoever said you can’t buy happiness, forgot little puppies” Gene Hill

Congratulations on your new puppy!

This is an exciting time for you and your new best friend. We recommend Puppy School not only to assist your new pup but to help you make your new pet an adaptable older canine. This time should be as positive and rewarding as possible for you both and Puppy School has been proven to increase the bond between owner and dog.

Puppies are sociable creatures and look to you for guidance from day one. Crucial developmental time is before 20 weeks of age, where our pups are like “sponges” and soak up all experiences, positive and negative. We need to provide them with a secure and safe environment which helps increase their confidence, allows them to explore and test their puppy traits and allows them to do what they do best, be dogs! Puppy School is essential to allow your dog to socialize with other pups their own size and age, as well as being around and handled by other people. Puppy School is a safe and controlled environment to help nurture your puppy’s behaviour in the first stage of their life.

When can my puppy begin Puppy School?

As soon as your puppy has received their first vaccination (which is around 6-8 weeks of age) they can commence Puppy School, hooray!

Our Puppy School is for pups aged 8 – 14 weeks. If your puppy is older than this, get in touch with us. We can still help.

This is usually administered before you may have even brought your pup home, meaning you can start training right away. Puppy School is run in the reception area which is a safe and hygienic environment. This also encourages a positive association with our veterinary clinic.

Many people think they should wait until their puppy has finished their entire course of puppy vaccines, before starting school. This is not the case and we believe, the earlier the better!

What will Puppy Learn

At Johnston Street Veterinary Clinic you and your puppy will learn the following based on positive reinforcement training methods:

  • How to read your puppy’s body language and how to respond positively.
  • Basic obedience training and commands like sit, drop, stay and recall.
  • How to deal with problematic but normal canine behaviours such as mouthing/biting, jumping up and barking.
  • How to walk on the lead.
  • Nutrition, micro-chipping, de-sexing, nail and grooming care.
  • Positive games to encourage handling and to familiarize physical examination checks.

Puppy school at Johnston Street Veterinary Clinic is held each week by one of our veterinarians or qualified veterinary nurses

This is a 5 week course of 1 hour classes and we close the veterinary clinic during this time.

These classes operate during the week from 6:15pm or later.

We ask that you:

  • Arrive 10 minutes early for you to complete any paperwork and organise payment.
  • If your puppy has not been vaccinated in our clinic to bring along their vaccination card or certificate.
  • To bring your puppy on an appropriate lead or harness.

Due to COVID, we now limit attendance with 1 person per puppy.

We ask that those in attendance bring proof of COVID vaccination.

We ask that any children under 18 years of age to be accompanied by an adult.

Next Puppy School?

Please call the clinic to reserve a place for your pup!