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Coronavirus and Pets

Changes to our services, hours and FAQ.

As we deal with life during this uncertain time, we want you to know we are still here for your pets. Our community safety both human and animal, is paramount to us. We are doing our part to reduce the spread of coronavirus and therefore have made drastic changes to ensure our staff remain healthy and that we as a small business, can still operate. Veterinary clinics are deemed an essential service at this time, so until further notice we will remain open.

To confirm, there is currently no evidence that companion animals can be infected with coronavirus COVID-19. This virus is human to human transmission. It is still not understood whether a pet can carry COVID-19 on their fur as a “fomite” if they become contaminated by an infected person sneezing or coughing on them. Therefore, we are taking extra precaution with any pet seen at JSVet.

Currently we are experiencing a high work load and due to this we ask for your understanding as we prioritise pets that are unwell. For services such as vaccinations and general health checks, we are advising to book these in the future, whilst we cope with the current demand of pets needing urgent care.

Opening Hours and Change of Services:

Based on the latest available information, we have had to change our hours in order for our small team to cope. Therefore we are now open:

Monday – Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday 9-5pm

Sunday and Public Holidays – CLOSED

Our small team has been split into two to help us reduce the chance of infection within our work place. Therefore if you are after a particular veterinarian please ask when booking your appointment.

Services that are suspended until further notice are:

  • Puppy School
  • House calls
  • Nail trims

Nail trims will still be provided on request but only with an additional service such as a consultation.


We hope you understand that over the phone we may ask you some questions in relation to your current situation. These questions, such as asking if you are currently in quarantine or travelled recently, are asked to protect our staff and to highlight if extra precautionary measures are needed in order to treat your pet.

Clinic Premises

We have now closed our clinic premises to the public. This means that only staff are permitted inside the building. Again this is a drastic measure to ensure our staff remain protected so they can still provide much needed care for your pets.

Concierge Service

In relation to clients not entering the building, we have now created a new service: concierge. This means you can still book an appointment over the phone and we will ask you to call the clinic when you arrive. A staff member may then ask you some further questions and advise that a team member will come outside to meet you and your pet. Here, we will take your pet inside the clinic and ask you to continue waiting outside, either in your own vehicle or in the near proximity of the vet clinic if you have walked to us. This team member will advise that a veterinarian will call you on your mobile shortly.


Of course we will see your pet if an emergency or urgent situation arises. if you can please call the clinic to advise us of your situation and we may be able to provide some advice over the phone until you reach us.

If you experience a pet emergency outside of our clinic hours, we recommend CARE Centre of Animal Referral and Emergency located in Collingwood.

What happens to my pet whilst I wait outside?

We understand that it is difficult to be separated from your pet at any time, in particular if they are unwell. Our aim at JSVet is to make this experience as positive as possible for your pet, and have created teams of both a vet and vet nurse to care for your pet once inside our premises. Once your pet is taken into the consulting room, the veterinarian will call you on your mobile to discuss and inform you of their clinical examination. On this call, the veterinarian will discuss the history, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options for your pet. This phone call is also to confirm your consent for treatment. Once the examination and discussion is completed, the nurse will advise of your invoice fee and organise payment over the phone. Your pet will then be escorted back to you and your vehicle.

What about surgeries? My puppy needs to be desexed soon.

We are still performing surgery every day at the clinic. However we are limiting the number of routine procedures during this busy period. Surgery even before COVID-19 is only performed Monday- Friday. This is always a day procedure, in which you drop your pet off in the morning and collect them later that day.

Pet food and Medications

Luckily, we have had no issues with our suppliers in regards to pet food or medication..You can still purchase pet food, accessories, flea and worming and your pet’s medication freely. However instead of turning up at the clinic, we recommend calling us or using our website to “order” these. This way we can have this all ready for you to save you waiting. If we don’t have a particular item in stock, like we do usually we can order this in for you and advise you when it arrives.


Currently grooming services are suspended until further notice. We will be making special exceptions for those pets in which grooming would significantly increased their health and quality of life.

We can place your pet on a list to which we will contact you when these services resume.

We understand that this is an overwhelming time. Feel free to contact us on 9416 3788 if you would like any further information, or send an email to . We thank you for your understanding and support.

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