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What is essential at the Vet?

With COVID and lockdown measures in Melbourne, as a small business we have had to adapt to guidelines set by the State Government and the Veterinary Practitioners Board of Victoria.

At present, veterinary clinics are deemed an essential service but what does this mean exactly? We understand this is confusing.

“Permitted businesses in the agriculture, fishing and forestry industries include ‘veterinary clinics and related services, including on-farm visits, animal care services (only where there is a genuine animal welfare issue)”.

Essential veterinary services can be loosely defined as follows;

  • A pet’s quality of life is affected.
  • A pet has sustained an injury or is involved in a life threatening emergency.
  • A pet is unwell and needs veterinary treatment in order to get better.
  • A pet has a chronic illness and needs regular veterinary treatment and assistance.
  • An animal needs veterinary attention due to welfare issues (physical and or mental needs).

Elective services such those below are not currently classified as essential and are therefore postponed during this time.

  • Adult vaccinations.
  • Nail clipping.
  • De-sexings *
  • Dental prophylaxis (scale and polish)
  • Dog grooming.
  • Other elective surgical procedures. *

*This is dependent on information about your specific pet.

For services such as adult vaccinations there is a safety window in which these can be postponed. So don’t stress, this is not putting your pet at additional risk. We are putting those pets whom need to be seen urgently as a priority, whilst aiming to reduce foot traffic to our clinic to mitigate risks to our team and to you our clients. All veterinary clinics and hospitals have seen an increase in demands during coronarvius; we believe this could be due to people having more time at home with their pets to notice these issues.

We understand grooming is a huge necessity for our pooches, in particular specific breeds. Should you feel your pet’s need for a groom or any of the above has become essential and coincides with the list above, please email us directly for communication.

Payment plans: We also have payment plan options such as Open Pay in which vet treatment can be paid in installments. If you are facing financial difficulty or hardship at the moment, please let us know.

We understand this is a hard time for everyone.

Please reach out to us if you need further assistance.


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