In-house Pathology

At Johnston Street Veterinary Clinic we offer in-house laboratory services which can provide us with fast results.

We regularly test your pet’s blood, fluids or body tissues in order to identify any internal abnormalities. Routine tests we perform are urine and faecal testing, biopsy examinations, blood testing and infectious disease testing.

We regularly perform Pre-anaesthetic Blood Tests and Wellness Screens for adult and senior pets as well as specific testing for those pets with chronic conditions such as diabetes, Cushing’s Disease, hyperthyroidism as well as those on long term medication.

Our in-house laboratory can provide us results within minutes where as external testing can take from 24-48 hours or longer.

We can usually take samples on the spot and will advise you if your pet needs to be fasted and or needs specific instructions before a sample is collected.

Our nurses are trained phlebotomists so sample collection can be booked with the nursing team if necessary.

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