Specialist Bookings

VMD Mobile Diagnostic

At Johnston Street Veterinary Clinic we offer a service that allows small animal specialist procedures to be undertaken on the premises.

This includes procedures such as; Echocardiogram and ECG, all forms of ultrasonography and endoscopy. Samples can also be taken endoscopically or via laparoscope which is minimally invasive and does not require surgery.

Dr Reuben Fliegner is a small animal specialist in internal medicine and ultrasonography and performs this service for local veterinary clinics. Dr Fliegner undertakes these procedures and in communication with our own veterinary team establishes treatment and medical plans. This allows direct continuity between you our client and our veterinarians with no need for referral.

This option must be recommended by our veterinary team and scheduled by clinic staff. For more information please call us directly to speak to one of our friendly nurses on 9416 3788.